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Suicide Squad Game Offline Mode Confirmed, Won’t Arrive at Launch

Developer Rocksteady Studios recently confirmed that Suicide Squad: Kill The Justice League will eventually get an offline mode. However, it also specified that the Suicide Squad game’s offline option will not be part of the game at launch.

Rocksteady confirms that Kill the Justice League will get an offline mode post-release

Rocksteady revealed this news on the company’s official Discord channel and was later reposted on a since-deleted Resetera thread.

“We’re happy to confirm we are planning to add an offline story mode that will give players the option to experience the main campaign without an internet connection,” said Rocksteady. “We’re aiming to add this update in 2024 and will provide more details when available.”

While that’s unfortunately not much information to go on, it’s good news for Suicide Squad fans who prefer an offline experience. Of course, Rocksteady will still need to ensure the game is good for that to matter. The recent Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League trailer still hasn’t given fans an uninterrupted look at gameplay.

The upcoming game launches in January 2024 and is part of Warner Bros.’s push for more live service games. According to CEO David Zaslav, WB wants games that maximize the amount of time players spend on one title. However, this new initiative has seen a somewhat shaky start. The open beta of WB’s MultiVersus saw a lukewarm reception, and Suicide Squad’s announcement didn’t generate much buzz.

Potential players were also put off by Suicide Squad’s always online components. Warner Bros.’ decision to delay the game may have been to give developers more time to remove Kill the Justice League’s always-online requirement. While that turned out not to be 100% the case, Rocksteady is clearly aware of fans’ desires for an offline mode.

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